purchase an Austrian Shelfcompany

Price Shelfcompany

Wir verkaufen Ihnen nicht nur eine österreichische Mantelgesellschaft, sondern wir bieten Ihnen darüberhinaus auch noch weiterführende Management Dienstleistungen nach Bedarf an.

Fees for purchase of an Austrian ready made company (Ltd.) / shelfcompany

seller’s fee

KYC compliance check

incorporation costs


plus initial capital contribution

plus 3rd party costs

EUR 3.500,–

EUR       85,–

EUR 1.200,–

EUR 4.785,–

EUR 10.000,– or EUR 35.000,–

court fees, notary, bank fees, etc.

* initial capital contribution of EUR 35.000,– or EUR 10.000,– has been paid in at incorporation and remains on the shelf company’s bank account and can be used by the buyer upon purchase. An up-to-date bank statement will be handed over at the notary meeting; signatory rights on the bank account will be transferred at purchase

Ongoing Services (optional) **

trustee shateholder

nominee managing director

seat & registered business address


package price for all services

EUR 2.500,–

EUR 3.500,–

EUR 1.750,–

EUR 7.150,–

EUR 6.000,–

** prices are quoted net

Please contact us by phone or emails to find out about our Austrian ready made companys for sale. Your personal physical presence in Vienna is not necessary in order to acquire the shares in an Austrian shelf company.

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