purchase an Austrian Shelfcompany

Legal Notes

www.shelfcompany.at is seller of Austrian ready-made-companies (shelfcompanies) and provider of management services, such as trustee shareholder, nominee director, register business adress, domiciliation services, etc. As seller of an Austrian shelfcompany (ready made company), we do not represent the interests of the buyer (conflict of interest). We cannot provide legal advice or tax advisory services regarding the acquisition of an Austrian shelfcompany. Upon request we’d be happy to recommend a local attorney or tax advisor to you.

Legal documents, such as share purchase agreements, articles of association, are drafted by a public notary in Vienna. Legal advice regarding said documents can be obtained from the public notary. Bookkeeping services and required tax services are provided by a authorized subcontractor of shelfcompany.at. www.shelfcompany.at is a website of BMCI Holding GmbH, Jordangasse 7, 1010 Vienna, register number 311199x of the Commercial Court of Vienna.

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