purchase an Austrian Shelfcompany


We support you in every respect to the incorporation of your limited company (GmbH) in Austria while you can keep concentrating on your business.


EUR 3.329,-- Costs of Incorporation*

Incorporation costs of the Austrian company include the follwing positions:

EUR   1.000,–   Fee for Incorporation Services

EUR      900,–   Support with bank approach / intoduction

EUR         85,–   compliance check mandatory by law

EUR       950,–   notary

EUR       343,–   commercial court fees

EUR         51,–   Wiener Zeitung / publication


*plus share capital EUR 10.000,–  or EUR 35.000,–

At the time of incorporation of the Austrian limited company (GmbH) at least 50% of the share capital have to be paid in.

Acquiring a ready made Austrian company entitles the buyer to immediately use the company. Alternatively to buying an Austrian shelf company, the incorporation of an Austrian GmbH may be an option for you.

Other than an Austrian ready made company, the new Austrian GmbH may only be used after its incorporation, which usually takes between 1 – 3 weeks upon receipt of all necessary documents in Austria.

Our incorporation services include the following:

  • Arrangement of all appointments with the public notary, commercial court, bank, tax authority, chamber of commerce and the city municipality of Vienna)
  • Obtaining all necessary information in order to getting the establishment documents prepared by the public notary
  • Assisting with obtaining all necessary documents and proof for the commercial register (company register copies, legalizations, translations, Apostille, notary statements, letters of good standing)
  • Guidance before, during and after the incorporation process
  • a fixed price for all services above

Transparency Terms

Please note that prior to purchasing an Austrian ready made company, we need to do a thorough background check on the buyer. We therefore recommend to prepare the required documents as soon as as possible. Please contact us for further details. Please see our transparency terms for further information.

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