purchase an Austrian Shelfcompany

Trustee Shareholder

Trustee Shareholder

Upon request we can also hold the shares in the company on behalf of you.

One of our companies will act as trustee shareholder and is registered as shareholder with commercial courts while you remain registered UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) of the company. According to applicable law of the Beneficial Owners Register Act the UBO will have to be registered though.

To give you 100% security there will be a notarially certified trust agreement (call/pu option) allowing you to easily claim all shares at any time.


Our Services:

In our role as trustee shareholders we exercise in particular the following tasks:

  • exercising share voting rights in general meetings and shareholder decisions according to your instructions
  • handling all communication in connections as shareholder of the company
  • distribution of net profits according to your instructions
  • signing of share purchase agreements, contribution of assets, fusion of assets, etc, according to your instructions

Please note that the fees quoted in our price section only cover the activities as trustee shareholder of a holding company with little business. For additional task related to operative business additional fees may apply.


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