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Managing Director

Managing Director of an Austrian GmbH

The managing director of an Austrian GmbH represents the company towards third parties. Every Austrian GmbH at least has to appoint one managing director.

A managing director can have sole signatory rights or in case there are several managing directors appointed they could have joint or sole signatory rights.

Upon request and after a positive KYC compliance assessment we can offer to provide a managing directors also for the time after the shares have been transferred.

We will provide a managing director fulfilling all legal requirements. They all have  clean police records, they have academic background, they are Austrian residents and are qualified to act as managing director with due care.

Main responsibilities of the managing director:

  • representation of the company towards authorities and third parties according to the instructions given by the shareholder (UBO)
  • filing of annual tax returns and the financial statement in due time
  • signing of all documents, contracts, etc. according to the instructions of the shareholder (UBO) in the context of applicable law and in accordance with the Articles of Association

Please note that the fees referred to in our price section cover all duties and tasks of the managing director performing the necessary works in order to keep the non operative company in a good standing. For additional task in connection with the operative business we allow us to charge additional fees.

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