purchase an Austrian Shelfcompany

Corporate Services

To complete our range of services next to selling shelfcompanies we also provide Corporate Services including the management of the company

shelfcompany domiciliation


Domiciliation of the Shelfcompany (registered address & company seat)

shelfcompany corporate services

Secretarial Services

Services such as postal mail forwarding, telephone, fax, meeting room, etc.)

shelfcompany managing director

Company Management

We can provide a managing director for your company (GmbH) or board members (AG)

shelfcompany trust

Trustee Shareholder

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shelfcompany accounting


Accounting provided by a licensed provider

shelfcompany tax advisors

Tax Consulting

Tax Advisory by a licensed provider

shelfcompany market entry

Market Entry Consulting

We assist you by implementing a market entry strategy specifically tailored for your product

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