purchase an Austrian Shelfcompany

Buy Austrian Company

In addition to selling to you a brand new ready made shelfcompany we also provide additional management services upon request.


EUR 4.785,-- share purchase price (excl. share capital)

* plus share capital EUR 10.000,– or EUR 35.000,–

plus third party costs (notary, commercial courts, publication)

* initial capital contribution of EUR 35.000,– or EUR 10.000,– remains on the shelf company’s bank account . An up-to-date bank statement will be handed over at the notary meeting; signatory rights on the bank account will be transferred at purchase, given you reach an agreement with the bank that handles the company’s account.

Acquire an Austrian ready made company quickly, easily and – above all – safely, from Austria’s most renowned management service provider


  • notary appointment within 24 hours
  • the company has never been active before
  • buy the company (GmbH) for a Fixed Price
  • buyer’s guarantee:
    – confirmation from the tax advisor / accountant on the correctness of accounting data of the shelfcompany / ready made company.
    – we have the proper trade license (Gewerbeberechtigung) and specific insurance
    – you will receive a legalized company register extract
    – the shelfcompany / ready made company is ready for immediate use

Transparency Terms

Please note that prior to purchasing an Austrian ready made company, we need to do a thorough background check on the buyer. We therefore recommend to prepare the required documents as soon as as possible. Please contact us for further details. Please see our transparency terms for further information.

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