purchase an Austrian Shelfcompany

Buy Austrian Company

In addition to selling to you a brand new ready made shelfcompany we also provide additional management services upon request.


EUR 4.785,-- share purchase price (excl. share capital)

* plus share capital amounting to EUR 10.000,– or EUR 35.000,–

plus third party costs (notary, mandatory publication fees (Wiener Zeitung), commercial court fees)


* the initial share capital amounting to EUR 35.000,– or EUR 10.000,– has been paid to a trust account and is avaialable to the company for operative business. The existente of the funds will be confirmed during the selling process. After the transfer of shares has been registered with commercial courts the new managing director has to open a new bank account. In Austria banks will carry out a KYC compliance check before they can open a bank account. Often the personal presence of the managing director is required.

Buy your Shelfcompany (limited company = GmbH) still today, fast, uncomplicated and most importantly from a reliable source.

Your Advantages:

  • notary meeting within one working day
  • the company has never been active
  • you buy the shares at a fixed price


    • confirmation issued by the tax advisor or account showing accurate information about the companies books of the Shelfcompany
    • we have the proper license and insurance for selling shelfcompanies in Austria
    • all notary documents including the current register extract will be legalized and made available to you after the closing of the deal
    • the Shelfcompany is ready for operative business right away

Transparency Terms

Please be informed that we are required by law to ask for identification and to gather additional information on the background of the buyer. (compliance check). Therefore we kindly ask you to have ready in advance supporting document. We are looking forward to provide to you more information about the required information as well as to outline the process of transferring the share of the company to you. Our transparency terms

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