purchase an Austrian Shelfcompany

Nominee Shareholder

An Austrian GmbH must have at least one shareholder (individual or legal person). Such shareholder does not hold individual shares or stock but a participation in the company expressed by a percentage of his/her contribution to the share capital. In order to become a shareholder one needs to, generally speaing, acquire a particpiation by share purchase agreement, or sign up for a participation upon the company’s (GmbH) formation.

As nominee shareholder, CS Management Services GmbH participates in shareholder meetings (circular resolutions and/or general assemblies) and votes according to the instructions of the client, i.g. to accept the financial statements and to decide on the use of the profit/loss.

The nominee shareholder is registered with the Commercial Register, there is no viewable reference to the trust agreement underlying the shareholdership.

Client and nominee shareholder of the ready made company conclude a notarial trust agreement for mutual security. Such trust agreement remains with the client in original and with the nominee shareholder in copy.