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Montenegro d.o.o.

Montenegro d.o.o. (Montenegro Limited Companies)

Formation of a Montenegro d.o.o. (Limited Liability Company): 

Required Documents:

  • Proof of identification of shareholder (Passport / Certificate of Inc.)
  • Power of Attorney to incorporator in Montenegro
  • Proof of paid in share capital (minimum EUR 1,–, recommended EUR 500,–)
  • corporate name
  • registered office documents
  • copy of passport of director






EUR 3.100,–








Disbursments (approx.)

EUR 625,–

Annual Costs: 

  • Accounting Services
  • Shareholder Nominee Services
  • Director
  • Registered Address / Physical Office

individual package price

depending on turnover and

business of the company

Montenegro is a fairly young country and many DTTs and legal instruments do not exist (yet) and/or are (partly) applied from former Yugoslavia. 

However, Montenegro pushes towards becoming a member of the European Union and therefore emphasizes stability and safety of its legal and economic system. 

Furthermore, Montenegro’s tax system offers a variety of benefits, which can be taken advantage of in an international company structure.   

However, since company formation is also a rather new business for Montenegro, certain procedures take comparatively longer than elsewhere and “virtual offices” and “nominee” shareholder and/or director are quite unknown. 

For individual assessment of establishing a company in Montenegro please contact us via telephone or email. 

For information on Austrian shelf companies (Vorratsgesellschaften/Mantelgesellschaften) please see the information on our website.