purchase an Austrian Shelfcompany

Austrian Shelfcompany

Shelfcompany Austria is the leading provider in terms of selling shelfcompanies / ready made companies and rendering ongoing corporate and management services based in Vienna.

One stop! Buy your austrian shelfcompany

Buy Company (GmbH)

  • share capital paid in full
  • registered with commercial courts
  • tax number
  • NO VAT number

Incorporate Company (GmbH)

  • Organization of all Appointments
  • Assistance during entire formation procedure
  • Coordination for gathering all necessary paperwork
shelfcompany corporate services

Management and Corporate Services

  • company address / domiciliation
  • secretarial services
  • GmbH managing director
  • trustee shareholder
  • accounting
  • tax advisors (licensed)

Buy Used Company (GmbH)

The acquisition of an empty used company could offer different advantages.

Sell Used Company (GmbH)

  • we connect you with potential buyers
  • contingency fee
  • save liquidity
  • company cash compensation
shelfcompany prices


  • Price Company Acquisition (GmbH)
  • Price Company Formation (GmbH)
  • Prices Ongoing Corporate and Management Services

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